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UV Disinfection Robot Model B

UV Disinfection Robot Model B

SKU: 364215376135191


This robot was developed for disinfection at hospitals, including operating theatres, patient rooms, corridors, and larger areas as long as the distance and disinfection time are enough to reach all the targeted areas. Model B is robust and designed to disinfect large areas as airports, warehouses etc.


The robot is operated by following the easy step-by-step guide. 


The autonomous drive system allows operators to easily call the robot via its tablet and send it to the desired location while the initial cleaning is taking place. 


After the cleaning has been conducted, the robot is sent in. Once the disinfection has been activated, and the tablet placed on the door, the operator can continue their planned work elsewhere until it is finished. After the disinfection, the robot signals via the tablet that the disinfection is finished. The robot is now ready to disinfect a new room.


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