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UV-C disinfection is used in factories to disinfect against Listeria and molds. UVD Robots® self-driving germicidal disinfection robots are also trusted tools for ensuring that the extreme requirements for Pharma Production are obtained and constantly maintained. Further, shops, hotels, cruise ships, and spa centers worldwide use the robots as a disinfection solution to keep staff and customers safe. The UVD Robot® can disinfect larger areas such as airports and other transport stations. Read more about UVD Robots® case studies here.

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Model B

Developed for disinfection large areas as long as the distance and disinfection time are enough to reach all the targeted areas. Model B is robust and designed to disinfect large areas as airports, warehouses etc.

Brochures and Downloadable Files 

Model B vs. C

Economic Impact

Safety Features

UVD Robot® Model C

Stadium Disinfection

School Disinfection

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