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UV Disinfection Robot Rental

Our technicians will transport and help instruct on machine usage and technical support. There will be a full coverage scan, along with mapping of the room to eliminate all germs within the specified area. 

This service is for one single usage; the demo trial will allow a total disinfection of any room you desire to be both COVID and germ free. 

Prices will vary depending on how many rooms and the square footage. Contact us for a quote!

Pricing starts at $400.00 and will vary.


UV Disinfection Robot Purchase

The full purchase of the UVD Robot will include shipping and handling fees, however; technician set-up fees are additional.

The technician will instruct on all proper machine usage and answer any questions you may have. The technician will also go over safety hazards and equip you with all the knowledge needed for independent use.

This service is for complete ownership of the robot, free to use for any room or building you desire.

UVD Robot Model B: Call for Pricing

UVD Robot Model C: Call for Pricing

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